Week 4: The Giving Tree

What a revelation!  Remember when you were 9-10 years old?  At that time I was starting to understand why it was better to give than receive.  Giving a gift and watching that persons face as they received was so much better than getting that toy I so desperately wanted.  Our task this week was to give something to EVERY person we came in contact with.  No small feat, mind you, given the amount of people most of us interact with.  The gifts could be compliments, prayers, physical gifts, smiles, etc.   I’m  a member of BNI and today I had to interact with with 35 members and guests.

I went with my gut instinct and just bought a cheap container of Deli cookies from Albertsons.  They were pretty crappy cookies but the members loved them,  They wanted to know what the occasion was, if I was running for office, or if I had an ulterior motive.  That means that I haven’t been a giver like I should have been.  BNI teaches  “Giver’s Gain” which is very similar to the law of giving and receiving.  I now know it’s something I have to work on.  Another lesson learned.


Week 3: Facing Fear

PPNs:  Spiritual Growth and Liberty


This week Mr. Charles Haanel mentioned a little something about fear.  Well let me tell you what I’m not afraid of.  I’m not afraid to put myself out there.  I’m not afraid of public speaking.  I’m not afraid of surviving on Beanee Weenees.  I AM afraid of paperwork and record keeping.  I am afraid that my wife and children would have to survive on Beanee Weenees.  And I am afraid of success.  Wait, what?  Didn’t you mean “afraid of failure”?  No, I meant success!  Because success means change.  So I’m afraid of change.  I’ve been failing for years now, and success means everything about my life is different.  I’m especially afraid of being “wildly successful” whatever that means.

What will me typical day look like?  Who will be affected, and in what way?   Where will I live?  What kind of new problems will I have?  Please, someone give me a crystal ball or a prophet or sumtin’ so I can know what I’m getting into!

But I must change and embrace the unknown.  Because if I keep doing what I’m doing I’m always going to keep getting what I’m getting.  It’s the old oxygen mask metaphor.  I have to help myself before I help others.

Also why the hell do I keep waiting to the last minute to write these things?  I’m challenging myself to have my next entry written by Wednesday afternoon of next week.  Watch me!

Week 2

Well what a week!  I started out strong in week 1, knocking out my obligations with gusto.  The Master Key Experience requires me to create a schedule and stick to it, a repeat the same things everyday, several times a day.  Well guess what?  My subconscious struck back with a vengeance this week.  My schedule was sabotaged and my enthusiasm waned to a point where I almost just gave up.

I have a feeling it’s normal.  I’m trying to reprogram my brain to change my daily routine.  You see, my poor habits caused chaos and disaster.  As a matter of fact, I put my employees and my family’s livelihood in jeopardy.  I needed a lifeline, and the Master Key seems like it will do the trick.

I just need to get over myself.  Hopefully week 3 proves to be a little more manageable.

Diving Head First: Week 1

Well the time has come for me to shed my skin.   My daily routines are not serving me anymore.  My income and relationships have stagnated.  My dogs seem to be the only ones unaffected.  Heck we could be living in a wood shed and they’d be happy.

And it’s all my fault.  But no more.  I’ve started a new program called the Master Key Experience which, if done correctly, will help me to reprogram my subconscious and enable me to develop new habits that will serve me.

The whole purpose of this is to not only reduce the stress that an irregular paycheck creates for me at home, but to also allow me the financial freedom to work for or start my own non-profit.   I’ve already started, I’m 3 days in, and I can already feel a difference!  Pray for me!